How to build (digital) products Workshop

Passionate about product management (4 years experience), startups, entrepreneurship and social media. I have a deep understanding of consumer-facing mobile/web applications in areas such as automotive, location services, navigation, connected cars, self-driving cars. I have dedicated many years of my professional career to the development of my expertise in these areas. Mentor at Startupbootcamp, Founders Institute, Spherik Accelerator, Sprint Point accelerator. Doing workshops on Product Management, Lean Startup, MVP creation and early-stage startups at several universities (Maastricht University, Bolzano University, Trento University, Timisoara University, Cluj University). Speaker and panelist at prestigious European conferences (Pioneers – Austria, Wolves Summit and infoShare Poland, Web2Day – France, Rockit – Moldova).

Adrian Pică

Adrian Pică

Product Manager


In this workshop, we will discuss what are the steps in building successful digital products and the role of a Product Manager. We will review the steps in the product lifecycle and we’ll insist on the aspects related to innovation. We’ll do a deep dive into the best approaches to prototyping and the innovation journey from idea to problem/solution fit to product/market fit and then to product growth. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge to innovate and start building MVPs to test your ideas